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Vector Conversion

Clipping path Apt provides fantastic handmade raster to vector conversion services. Raster images are usually those which are made up of dots of color or pixels that together create a whole image. Raster images may be stored in various formats; but resolution is the most important factor of it. Their level is measured in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the resolution the better the quality. This is very important during enlarging something like a logo that unless you have a very high resolution, the quality of the image will significantly deteriorate.

However, Clipping path Apt is willing to help you on this regard. Being an offshore graphic studio, Clipping path Apt can provide raster to vector conversion at the cheapest possible price. Raster image saves a picture as a series of pixels but vector files store information as a series of instructions. Vector based images are mathematical instead of being stored as a picture; they can easily be reproduced at whatever size anyone wish without harming the quality. As the files are smaller in size, they are suitably ideal for use on websites.

Clipping path Apt’s highly-skilled expertise has been trained to use Adobe’s powerful Illustrator program which will convert your images from raster to vector. Clipping path Apt ensures your vectorized image will maintain a level of authenticity which will look natural as well. Clipping path Apt can provide a forensic detail which will be passed through a good quality control.

Vector images can usually be saved in various file formats – from DXF and SVG, to CDR and AI etc. Clippingpath Apt is capable of exporting files in any format you require and will advise which file is most suitable for your needs as well. Significantly, Clipping path Apt provides vectorization services at a competitive and cheapest possible rate. Clipping path Apt has over 100 graphic designers and managers ensuring a prompt and efficient service whatever the turnaround time.

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