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Web Image Editing

To publish an image on the web, there are some minimum requirements which should be applied in order to fit in webpage. Image should be optimized so that webpage may load faster. The image optimization includes adjusting background, cropping unused area, straightening, as well as resizing. Depending on various requirements, Clipping path Apt can reduce the file size significantly and provide those in several formats like JPG, PNG etc. As for example, JPG is useful whenever anyone needs a fixed plain background color such as white.

On the other hand, PNG is one of the commonly used formats for publishing images on the websites. The reason behind people using PNG format is just because it can hold a transparent background. This is a must if anyone wants the background to be seen through the image. PNG format usually makes the file size a bit larger than JPG.

Clipping path Apt optimizes website imagery and design ensuring all changes are saved in web optimized format, increasing website’s loading speed.

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